HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png  How much is the annual assessment and when it is due?

The annual assessment of $165.00 per lot is billed annually and due October 1st.

HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png  How do I pay my annual assessment?

You can pay your annual assessment by mail, drop off at the POA office, or through the Section 23 POA website (deepcreek23.com).

HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png  Where do I find the Deed Restrictions?

Deed restrictions can be found on the POA website, under the Governing Documents page, or you may stop by the office to pick up a copy.

HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png  What do I need a permit for and how do I get the form?

Permits are required for: new construction, additions or changes to the structure of your home, pool, pool cage, fence, concrete driveway expansion, enclosures and exterior paint changes. Permit applications are available for download on the POA website or you can stop by the office to pick them up.

HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png  Can I park on my lawn or the swale?

Vehicles must be parked in your garage or driveway. Day time street parking for short term visits by contractors, home maintenance vendors and guests are permitted as long as it's not overnight.

HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png  How often are greenbelts mowed?

Greenbelts are currently mowed 12 times per year. Typically greenbelts are mowed more frequently during the rainy season (June-September), weather permitting, and less frequently during the dry season.

HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png  When I report a deed restriction violation what happens next?

Our Deed Restriction Inspector confirms the violation and an initial Friendly Reminder Notice will be mailed to the owner requesting compliance within a set number of days. If not corrected within that time, a Final Notice will be sent advising that failure to comply will result in the matter being referred to our POA Attorney. If not corrected, the POA Attorney will issue a demand letter and the property owner will be charged the legal expense for this process. After all communications have been exhausted, with no resolution, the Board of Directors will proceed with the next legal steps.

HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png  My front swale isn't draining; water is sitting in the end of my driveway.

Issues related to drainage swales in the front of your property is the responsibility of Charlotte County Public Works and they can be reached at (941) 575-3600 or you can submit request online at https://www.charlottecountyfl.gov/departments/public-works/maintenance-operations

HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png  When is trash pick up and who is the service provider?

Waste Management is the refuse company that services Deep Creek. Trash pick up is a service provided by Charlotte County and is funded through your tax dollars. Trash pick up day is Thursday, unless it falls on a holiday. If so, the day shifts to Friday for that week. Trash containers should be set out at the street after 4 p.m. the day before the pick up day. Yard waste can be placed in a separate container, yard waste bag or tied in bundles and placed at your curb. If you need a bulk pick up for household items or large piles of yard waste, please call 941.629.1106. For more information, visit: https://www.charlottecountyfl.gov/departments/public-works/solid-waste/residential-curbside-service/

HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png  Is there a pet leash requirement in Section 23 or a breed specific ban?

Both Section 23 and Charlotte County require that pets are leashed at all times unless within a property owners fenced yard. While there is no specific breed banned from our community, our deed restriction does not permit animals that constitute a nuisance or are dangerous:

Article XVIII Animals and Pets states “Pets are not permitted to roam free and shall be under the control of the owner at all times either in a fenced yard or leashed.” In addition, “Pets reported to roam free, or that in the sole judgment of the Board of Directors could endanger the health, safety or welfare of other property owners or their guests, or pets that persistently make objectionable noise or otherwise disturb the residents of the community shall be reported to the appropriate government agency."

Be a good neighbor and follow the Charlotte County Leash Law and keep your dog on a leash at all times.  When walking your pet, carry a bag and pick up after them.  Vacant land is not a dropping ground for dog waste.  Obviously with alligators in our 6 lakes, the best place for your pet is inside your home.

HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png I own a home in Deep Creek Section 23 and would like to rent it out.  What are the Deed Restrictions for renting my property in Section 23?

A property owner may rent or lease their dwelling for residential use to a single family for a period of not less than one (1) month.  Owners who rent or lease units are responsible for all deed restriction violations and will be held liable for any damages to the properties caused by the occupants or lessees.  Daily or weekly rentals are not permitted

HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png I have a neighbor who leaves their dog outside most of the day and it barks constantly.  Do residents have any rights to ensure a peaceful environment exists? 

According to the following Deed Restrictions pets are not permitted to disturb the peace and quiet of our community:

XVIII Animals and Pets Pets reported to roam free, or that in the sole judgment of the Board of Directors could endanger the health, safety or welfare of other property owners or their guests, or pets that persistently make objectionable noise or otherwise disturb the residents of the community shall be reported to the appropriate government agency.

Article XIX Nuisances “…nor shall any activity or business, or act take place which may be regarded as inconsiderate, or as an annoyance or nuisance that disturbs the peace and quiet of the community. No act that interferes with the rights, comforts and convenience of the property owners and their families, guests, invitees or lessees will be tolerated. Property owners will be held accountable for their own conduct and for the conduct of their families, guests, invitees and/ or lessees in this regard, and for assuring that the aforesaid are informed of these restrictions.”

Residents will be formally cited for being a nuisance under the existing Deed Restrictions.  Call the POA Office to report any activities you deem to be a nuisance.  In addition, please report to the county agency responsible for animal control/ nuisance animals: https://www.charlottecountyfl.gov/departments/public-safety/animal-control/


HN35btl2iF4t9eWl.png  Who do I call when I need help and/or information from public services?

Charlotte County maintains a robust 211 Information and Referral Service. By dialing 211, the center’s referral specialists can access databases of resources available from private and public health and human service agencies, matching the callers’ needs to available resources. These include Basic Human Needs Resources, Physical and Mental Health Resources, Work Support, Access to Services in Non-English Languages, Support for Older Americans and Persons with Disabilities, Children, Youth and Family Support, Suicide Prevention, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services.